Welcome to Paw Joggers Premium Pet Sitting

Paw Joggers offers a variety of pet care and exercise services that can be customized to your busy schedule and your pet’s particular needs. A complimentary in-home consultation is included for all first-time clients. Before registering as a new client, be sure to check our:

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Our in-home pet care while you're away.


Service Description

Are there times when you just can’t break away from work? Do you have critical deadlines to meet? Maybe your pet is getting older and less active and you just need a potty break, feeding, medication administered and some TLC. Visits are perfect for our kitty clients too!

We can help!  We offer single to multiple daily visits to check on your beloved pets.

Each Paw Visit lasts 30 or 45 minutes and the following can be provided:

  • Potty Break or Breaks!
  • Fresh Water Refill
  • Feeding (If necessary.)
  • Positive Reinforcement with Treats
  • Minimum 15 Minute Walk or Playtime
  • Scooping litter box for our kitty clients
  • Any Other Special Requests

In-Home Pet Care